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What does it mean?

Is it a bible scripture?


Is it your alarm telling you that your job is

waiting for you?


Is it a child crying?


Is it the call of hunger pains?

No again.

Actually it is my children's school calling to let

me know that school is closed due to weather.

Amen it's a snow day but now you find yourself

trying to figure out what to do next.

And deep down you might be hoping you don't have

to work.

Well that is not always the case.

You turn on the local news and see 85 school

closings, so now you realize the weather must be



You have to decide what to do next.

Maybe you have that almighty power to close your

office operations.

Do you do it or don't you?

If it's bad enough outside to that the safety of

your children is more important, then what about


Decisions decisions decisions...

An email is fired off to let the entire office

know that it is closed and you are home free to

enjoy that snow day.

You could only be so lucky, especially if you get

to make the decision for the masses.


Only 15 minutes after the first email sent and now


Level 2 snow emergency...

... only be on the roads if absolutely necessary

but no worries you won't get a ticket until a

level 3 emergency sounds off.

You call your boss, you call your coworker or

anyone that will listen to figure out if it's

right not to go into work.

Do you work from home or just take the day off?

You spend 8 hours the whole day racking your brain

trying to figure out if you made the right choice.

If only 4:45 just came and went like any other

day, all would be fine and stress free...

No difference here in your business or if you

trying to decide what type of business you should

join or start.

Every email you get...

...with every pitch of the next best thing to


It all can feel like a snow emergency where the

snow is falling so fast you cannot keep up.

It's 4:45 and what will you do?

What will you decide?

For better or for worse you have to make a choice.

And if you don't let 4:45 just keep rolling by

like normal as if nothing is happening.

Before you answer your call...

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