Sunday collection plates getting low but parishioners getting paid.

Published by Donald Robinson — 03-11-2018 10:03:18 PM

Who knew you could sell to your congregation in

My wife attended Sunday service with her parents
but why..

...maybe because she felt the need for some
spiritual guidance or ask for strength from the
lord above to deal with me


...fill her belly with Frisch's Big Boy eggs,
bacon, hashbrowns and the dark and lovely bean cup
of joe afterwards with the inlaws because you know
they paying.

I know when I would go the focus would be on the
congregation and spiritual guidance from the good
old book. Nothing wrong with that at all until the
collection plate came around.

Collection plates is an old term from back in the
day, and now called donations.

Either way if you are able or not, you can drop
your change in the collection/donation box and
keep it movin.

Back to the point...

The wife came home with a 10 page program or
newsletter that covers service announcements,
activities and better yet the flocks business ads.

You know the kind of ads you see in the newspaper,
mailbox or online for products and/or services for
sell or to buy.

From real estate agents to selling mulch...Aint
nothing wrong with that..

Seems like the collection plate has now become an
advertisement for selling yourself to your
community of church goers.

Why not, these are people you know and see every
week in church devouring the teaches of the lord.

What a better way to ask for money from your
congregation than to have them place a business ad
in the church newsletter.

Not only is the church filling their collection
plates but helping the congregation make mo-ney
from each other while keeping the money in the
spiritual family.

If you want to be able to give back to your
community whether it is to a charitable non-profit
or your place of worship, then 
you can learn how
to do so here.


Don Robinson

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