The Leadsleap Advantage - Special Report!

Published by Keith Dyer — 08-26-2019 08:08:23 PM

If you're not familiar with LeadsLeap you may be missing out on one of the most effective lead tracking, lead generating, and money making opportunities on the net! 

I have a special report for you today. It's called "One Signup A Day Strategy". No optin needed. No gimmick. Simply download the pdf file and learn the tricks.


- 25% recurring commissions if you are a Free Member.

- 50% recurring commissions if you are a Pro Member.

It doesn't matter when your referrals upgrade. It's common to see members upgrade or re-upgrade from time to time. As long as they upgrade, you'll earn the commissions.


LeadsLeap membership is also a 10-level leads builder. This means you can reach out to 10-levels of leads in your network, through our unique non-obtrusive message system. Imagine if you refer 4 people to LeadsLeap, and each of them also refer 4 people, you will have 1,048,576 followers that you can reach out to. These are leads you can reach out to for life!

Read One Signup A Day and see how one LeadsLeap member has built thousands of leads that continue to grow even though he hasn't been actively promoting LeadsLeap.


Earn credits whenever your network of leads view ads. It's totally on autopilot.

You can use the credits for your Credit Ads or encash those credits. It's up to you.

Below are the details of the overriding credits you'll receive:

Over the years, I've seen programs that come and go. Those that stay are usually programs in an evergreen industry, such as the advertising industry, have a sustainable business model and are always updated to keep up with the changing world.

LeadsLeap has been in the market since 2008. They keep on upgrading the system and adding new features. If you are looking to build a passive income and passive flow of traffic, you should include LeadsLeap in your list of programs to promote.

Get your FREE "One Sign-up Per Day" report HERE!

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