Are You Selling Picks And Shovels?

Published by Santella Austin — 04-26-2017 08:04:33 AM

The Gold Rush is here again

Making money online can be likened to the gold rush in the 18 hundreds.

People left the families in search of gold that would make them millionaires,

despite their hopes and dreams, only about 2% manage to become millionaires

by finding gold.

The obvious overlooked

Here is the strange thing, the people who were providing the tools like the picks

and shovels they were the ones that became millionaires. You see it was impossible

for people to dig for gold, without the tools, so they "had to buy it" in droves.

Tools are a must for everyone

This is exactly how it is on the internet. There are a sea of opportunities online promising

the world, but give you an atlas and every single opportunity relys on tools, such as autoresponders

landing pages, tracking software and traffic.

Learn from my mistakes

This took me years to figure out and now that I figured it out.  I now look back and wonder how on earth

I did not see it. The purpose of this blog is to make the newbies or people that has been online forever

and still not realised what is staring them in the face, that the best thing to promote online above everything

are picks and shovels, because like in the gold rush every one needs them in order to dig for gold.

 Click the photo below to discover the perfect tool to start off with

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