Decide to be a champion?

Published by Santella Austin — 04-30-2017 12:04:54 PM

We are born champions

I do not know the exact statistics but it is said that every human being had to compete against millions of sperm

in order to be born. That tells me that we are born champions by default. We are the only species with the

 power to dream and turn our dreams into reality, this is why we have been given dominiom over the planet.

The question then arises..... 

Why is it that most of us are living lives of mediocrity?

I believe that is what we were taught. Let me quicly explain. 

We were taught that we should go to school get good grades so that we could get a good job. That in its essence,

leads to one thing "CONTROL"

When you are working for someone else, you are being controlled as to how much you can earn, you are also

been controlled as to how many holidays you can take per year, also, because there is a ceiling on the amount 

of money one can earn, most people end up living on debt, which now means we are controlled by the bank.

Now i know many of you will not agrea, no matter how many examples I give, so let me just ask you one question.

If you knew someone who was financially free to the point they did not have to work and they invited you to

go away with them to chill in the the Bahames for a year. 


Now if your honest with yourself you would say no, because all the people that control you would not allow

you too. Your boss would say no and if you went against their order, you would be fired, wich means no money,

that would then lead to your bank taking back the house they gave you a mortgage on, or your land lord kicking

you out and the list goes on and on. 

So is that the attribute of a champion?

well there are many definitions of a champion according to the dictionary,

however the one that sticks out in my mind is this "A fighter or a warrior"

That resinates withme, because I know, that if one ever wants to do something

extra - ordinary like make ther dreams come true, no matter what it may be,

you are going to jhave to fight for it, in other words be a warrior.

So let me ask you this final question are you living your dreams? if the answer

is no, then you know you are not a champion, however here is the beauty.



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