Skills pay the bills

Published by Santella Austin — 05-06-2017 03:05:16 PM

Skills pay the bills

Another reason why people are failing online is because

they do not want to take the time to learn some basic skills.

There are so many courses out there, selling the latest and 

greatest and the irony is that the heart of all the products sales

comes via an email list

Your list is your asset

Just take a minute and think, how many things you have bought

via receiving an email. That is the power of having your own list

of subscribers with whom you can build a relationship with, by

giving them valuable content which moves them closer and closer

to becoming a customer for life.

Get rich quick mentality

Here is a fact, no-one wants to get rich slow. so that means we all 

want to get rich quick, hence why we are bombarded with get rich

quick adcopy, which taps into our emotions and have us going into

a buying frenzy. The irony of that kind of mentality is that if one does

not spend time building a list, all the get rich quick programs will truly

be get rich slow. How ironic is that.

So what is the best way to build a list then?

In my humble opinion, its by using  tools like the image below, to learn and

sharpen your skills. So go and click on it now to discover what it is and to

start your free tour...

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