Are we really in a matrix?

Published by Santella Austin — 06-04-2017 01:06:44 PM

Since watching the film the Matrix over 10 years ago, it is becoming

more and more clear to me everyday, that the message according

to my interpretation is as serious as a heart attack.

That message is that, NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS

Let's use the analogy of working in a job for 40 years to dig deeper

into the idea of NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS.

We were taught to go to school, get good grades, so that we can

get a good job which normally means, working for 40 hours, for

40 years to be rewarded with a pension, which is 40% of the money

we could just about live on for 40 years.

The funny thing about this plan, is that the majority of people on the

planet are doing this, but yet they are the ones with the least money,

and least time to spend with their love ones.

When I annalize that plan, it makes me think of one thing......


Following that plan means that there will always be a cieling on the amount 

money we can earn, the amount of holidays we can take and the amount of time

we can spend with our loved ones., because we are given in a just, just enough that

we feel is acceptable to stay and in turn we work just enough in order to be kep on

Society has had this plan engraved so deep in their brain, that if anyone is told

anything else other than that, the alarm bells of, "thats a scam" starts to sound.

Here is the irony

3% of the population is doing something totally different,

they work smarter by investing into assets that let money work for them so

that they can spend more time with their loved ones, go on more holidays and 

have more money than they know what to do with.

In other words they control the 97% who are chasing money through a job

Final thoughts

Richard Branson the multi billion dollar mogul is know for saying, "If someone offers

you and incredible opportunity and you do not understand it, say yes and learn

to understand it later" That advice will be the greatest advice you will ever implement

because it will open up a world where by you can live a life on your own terms.

Why is this very important??? Because NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS

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