3 great referral marketing tips for you to grow your Network Marketing business.

Published by Edward Keyte — 05-12-2019 04:05:18 AM

Using referral marketing to get Mlm leads is a super effective strategy to grow your Network Marketing business or businesses. My name is Edward Keyte, and today I've got 3 great referral marketing tips for you to grow your Network Marketing business. Every network marketer has the same challenge, We're always looking for a steady flow of leads to build a profitable business. 

So before I get into the tips, what is referral marketing It's just a way to increase word of mouth marketing by encouraging the members or customers of a company (In our case an MLM company),  and encouraging the members of that company to talk as much as possible about a services, brand or products, and sharing their results of using the products/services etc. 

So referral marketing does make a lot of sense. You as the company want your members and users of your services talking about you and your products as a brand and the solutions that you're offering in the form of MLM products from your business. So the key to referral marketing is this. It is building relationships with your existing members, leads, downline as well as new people that you meet. 

According to the New York Times, 65% of all new business comes from referrals. So IF a company is not implementing or referral marketing program into their business. They are leaving money on the table. 

We all focus so much on content marketing, social media marketing as a way to get our free MLM leads and those methods work so great, But referral marketing is often ignored, yet it is a super powerful marketing strategy for you. 

And it's pretty simple. here's your four tips. 

Number one, this is the most important, important one. Be referable people do business with those that they like and trust so make sure that you're that person. I know and I’m sure you are and you can ensure that you're always referable by providing value in the marketplace, deliver on your promises, always be a person of integrity. 

Number two, Spend less time on Facebook and more time learning from good videos on youtube.

I have found that by spending a bit less time wasting on Facebook in pointless discussions in groups etc and learning good methods from leaders on their youtube channel and learning great lead generation tips etc I have become a much more knowledgable marketer and am thus able to share and curating my own value and guides to share out and attract more people to my own team.   

Once you have learned 5 minute tips on youtube it’s easy to know and implement this methods in your own marketing and then you can share your results and the tip in your own words to your own followers.

Share your advice in the form of PDF guides and or video guides so that your tips can be reproduced and shared out within your own team… this is how you brand yourself but at the same time you are growing your list.

Number three, A great tip I came across recently is My Lead Gen Secret and it has helped me and my team generate 100 to 200 leads per day using a simple web based platform that has a built in mailer. These leads automatically get added to our back office daily so we can load them into the mailer and click send.

We can also get access to done for you email swipes that are proven to convert leads.

This is truly a super easy newbie friendly platform that takes all the guess work out of marketing your Network Marketing business and makes referral marketing an absolute since for not only the beginner but also the experienced marketer that is looking to duplicate huge success in their team.

Check it out here and get started.

These are powerful strategies for you to get Mlm leads for your Network Marketing business. 

My name is Edward Keyte, and I very much look forward to working with you.

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