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my name is Juan Alvarado,
I was Born and raise in the Dominican Republic.
I`m the oldest of four brothers and sisters, I graduated from high school in 1988.
Looking for a better future, I came to the US in 1993. In the land of opportunity, I have been able to open doors and obtain the goals to pursuit my Happiness (financial Freedom) and to my kids. In 2001 I started working in the Filming industry as a parking P/A (production Assistant and Parking) . work long hours 90 to 110 hours per week. in 2013 became a parking Coordinator .
I coordinate a couple of small production.(Billy And Billie, job, Lilly Hammer) among others.
I like the job, but I don`t think I promoted myself good enough to get a contract with a big production.
In 2015 I decide to start doing internet Marketing and I being working my way since then.
being happy, healthy & wealthy is a normal state of life for you and me , and everyone else who wants it

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Napoleon Hill
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Always Moving Forward + positive Energy

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