The NEW affiliate method everyone is talking about

Published by Eve Hoeg — 05-18-2022 05:05:00 AM

The NEW affiliate method everyone is talking about

Sooooo weird.

Just this morning my postman
turned up at the door and he says;

"I must talk to you about this
new affiliate method."

"Oh really?", I said inquisitively.

"Yes", he replied...

"It's very exciting and everyone is
talking about it - even your postman
right now who's referring to himself
in the third person like some kind
of weird wall-break in a movie."

"I see", I said, becoming sceptical.

He sensed my nervousness.

"Oh it's not what you think Sir.
This is a new method which
actually works. Even your
postman can do it."

I did a mental facepalm in my head.

"Is there any frickin chance
you could stop referring
to yourself in the third person?
Because when I recount this
convo verbatim in an email
to my list they're gonna read this
drivel and it's gonna sound whack."

"Okay, your postman won't
do that any more."

I punched him.

But he did have a point -

this new affiliate method really
is exciting, "first class" in
fact (you see what I did there?).

Anyway enough reveries,

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To your success,

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