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About Don Hayes


Don Hayes owner of is the #1 overstocked discount clothing store for women in the U.S. From its inception as a fashion accessory web-based wholesaler, has risen to become world-class over stocked discount online shopping destination! Our variety of items is up to date on market trends in the fast-moving fashion industry. Our goal is to bring the latest fashion trends for affordable prices to you the customer! We are looking for you to Represent Your City or Country For The Best Dressed Female Of The Day! Here's how you can apply in three steps. #1 Subscribe to our email list for the latest fashion news, and trends worldwide. Provide your best email. #2 Next Join Us On FaceBook. #3 Submit your best photo, and a brief bio, or a 1-minute video. That's it! You'll then be considered for the #1 spot on 1Chic Fashion Design Best Dress Female of the Day for your City, or Country on our site! Wishing you all the best life has to offer.

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