Introduction: Real, stable, lucrative and affordable cryptocurrency coin mining

Published by Francois Kok — 09-03-2018 06:09:51 AM

It is a rare occasion to come across a real, stable and lucrative cryptocurrency opportunity that is also affordable. 

I, have a great pleasure ...drum introducing AWS Mining:

Is AWS Mining a real crypto mining company?

The more I inquired about and researched, the more impressed I became.  The actually have physical offices with their Head Office in Sydney, Australia and they have 3 actual mining farms in operation in China, Mongolia and Paraguay.  These locations are carefully selected and chosen based on hydroelectric power availability and other strategic factors.  They are in the process of setting up three more and we know the locations in Beijing (China), another 20km away from the existing one in Paraguay and the third in Russia.  and that the infrastructure is being set up that would basically double the current production.  Very exciting indeed!  Numerous people have visited the mining facilities and the offices and only have positive feedback.

Now some people that are sceptical about any other crypto mining company would tell you that if your company is not listed in one of the Mining Pools on the Blockchain at then they are not a legitimate mining company. 

They are seriously mistaken and tend to forget that you do not have to own your own Mining Pool to participate and Bitcoin mining and some companies prefer to keep their options open and rather mine where it is the most profitable and prefer flexibility.  AWS Mining do not own a specific Mining Pool, but they do own their own equipment and it is working to mine not just Bitcoin but also other easier and more profitable to mine, Alternative Currencies (Alt Currencies) such as Litecoin, Zcash, Etherium and others.

Is AWS Lucrative?

Yes, definitely.  AWS Mining is indeed very lucrative.  Not only do you get an excellent guaranteed net return of 200% return on investment (ROI), this usually only takes about 13 months!  Yes, you double your investment in just over a year.  You get your seed capital back after only about 6 months, that you can draw and then you will be at absolutely no risk at all.  You get the mining return paid to your internal wallet daily at a rate of about 0.55%, which works out to about 16% monthly! 

In addition to the return on your mining contract, you get rewarded for your efforts in introducing others to this awesome opportunity as well.

You can refer (remember this is totally optional) to earn more:
- We have a Binary Compensation Plan with lots of spill-over and team momentum
- 10% direct referral commissions that are paid instantly
- From 4 - 10% daily Team Bonus on your weakest leg
- 1% Acceleration Bonus (increase in mining power) per direct referral that invests in a mining contract of 1 CMP (Computer
  Mining Power) of $400 or more.
- Mining Residual - a percentage of service fees 5 levels deep
- Residual income on purchase transactions 5 levels with MCD Residual (MyCoinDeal - this is an innovative App
  facilitating payments to merchants directly converted to fiat currency - coming soon!
- other bonuses and commissions

It is possible to earn more than $104 000 in just 16 weeks by following our 2 x 2 Plan:

You introduce 2 personals (persons you sponsor) that take out the minimum mining contract of $40
and you then help then each to introduce their 2 who also take out the minimum $40 mining contract
in their 1 st week (your 2nd).  You ensure that this is duplicated for 16 weeks in total and you have earned
a whopping $104 856!  Now even if it takes each a month to introduce their 2, it will take 16 months and this
will still be a very rewarding income.

I know this is not a perfect world, but it can be achieved and our upline, Owen Brown
has proven so far that this is feasible and he is succeeding so far.  Just look at the
short YouTube video below to see how he has built a team of 273 members and has
earned $6 000 in his 1st 30 days, also starting with only a $40 mining contract!  Click
on the image below:

Is AWS Mining affordable?

Definitely, at only $40 for the lowest mining contract once-off and with no other joining,
admin, website or monthly fees or costs whatsoever!  

I would go so far as to say that AWS Mining is the best opportunity currently available
for only $40 once-off to generate a worth-while and sustainable passive residual income.

Final words

I am sure you can see this incredible opportunity for what it is and I hope that you will join
me on this journey so that we all succeed together and build a great team and doing our
utmost to support each other to achieve our 2 x 2 Plan vision in the shortest time possible.

To find out more and to join our team, please get back to the person who invited you to this group.

or simply follow this link.

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