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Years ago, when I went out with expat guys on dates and I know that they are going to pay for our meals, I always dreaded about what to order. Do I order a set to save him some money or do I order what he orders?

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Maybe when I was younger, I didn’t really know what guys expect during a meal date. Some can be really nice and even asked about what I wanted to eat and offered suggestions. But some can also be pretty clueless themselves and won’t give me any indication of what I should have. And on the other extreme, I have also had dinner with one guy before who just ordered two meal sets for each of us. Perhaps he just wanted to get the orders out of the way without wasting too much time deliberating what we should have.

I guess you just have to play it smart, especially when it is the first time out with the expatriates guy. For me, I always ordered the usual common food, which usually sits in the mid-range of prices. At least, it wouldn’t seem as if I’m taking advantage of him by eating the most expensive item on the menu and yet, it also won’t make him feel that I’m purposely ordering the cheapest stuff either.

Ah, those dating days and all those mind games that come into play. Yeah, expatriates people who aren’t even divorced yet or fresh out a relationship looking to jump back in to one make me nervous. It makes me think that they’re too afraid to deal with the inevitable feelings of loss and what not or don’t want to reflect on why the previous relationship ended. Or they just want to have someone around to distract and amuse them.

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Those are terribly cynical assumptions. A lot of expatriates people who get divorced feel like they’ve already been alone for awhile. When I was getting divorced 10 years ago I date, it was a sincere effort to connect with someone, not to avoid past baggage. Well, the letter clearly states that due to his divorce, things were “emotionally tough” for him. That is not how one would describe a man who felt alone during the marriage and sees his divorce as a relief. Neither is declaring you are in love with someone you had sex with once, during a divorce, while sending identical messages to other women. Your divorce may be different, but really is not relevant to the OP’s letter.

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