Create Your Bitcoin Empire at Zero Cost

Published by Courtney Thompson — 03-17-2024 09:03:20 PM

WARNING: This DOES require some WORK on your part. Focus on promoting ONE online offer, while surfing 100 sites daily (about 45 minutes).for the next 365 days. Finally, you’ll need to to help 4 (more is better). You cannot grown this buy yourself.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Join these sites (FREE) via my affiliate links provided below:

    1. - surf 100 pages per day

    2. - get your free blog here

    3. - use to create lead capture pages

    4. - surf 50 pages/month to promote your offer

    5. - surf 150 pages/day to promote your ITB link

    6. - promote your lead capture page here

The links above are examples of what your affiliate links will look like. They will reflect your username or userid (if a number).

I promotethis page that you are reading now (which also promotes my LeasedAdSpace link) plus I promote this lead capture page 

TAKE THE TIME to learn each of these sites strengths. You benefit from anyone that signs up under you in two ways….

  1. You benefit from earning added traffic; &

  2. If they see the benefit of upgrading, or they earn an upgrade, you benefit financially See the following example 

  3. If you persist, you will earn nicely. Expect it to take 30 days or so to get ito a good routine, even to get your first signup. A good rate of growth is one new referral per month. In a year that is 12 direct referrals. This seems modest. Remember if only half pf your referral are active and arract 4  referrals, that’s…

    6 x 4 + 6 = 30 

    Those who are more aggressive, can achieve even better results.


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