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Enjoy helping my team win. Simply put, when you win, I win too. Love Blockchain technology and what it means for those that take advantage of it: more time freedom, less bank fees, and more secure storage and contract transaction. It is awesome to think of the possibilities that are open to my grandkids because of this technology. When I'm not geeking out, I enjoy scuba, the beach, cycling, chess and cooking.

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Why Include Bitcoin in Your Wealth Building Strategy?

Published on 12-29-2017 12:12:49 AM by Courtney Thompson

Bitcoin is all the rage right now. It is a hot commodity. Bitcoin can make you a lot of money. But, what is Bitcoin? It is a digital currency? A what? A digital currency. It allows you to make digital transactions

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When Should You Start Collecting Bitcoin?

Published on 12-25-2017 12:12:13 PM by Courtney Thompson

Right now. Bitcoin is hot, hitting s high as $19,500 USD/BTC. It's hovering round the mid-$13,000 mark, for now, it/s Christmas Day in North America s I write this. Will it go lower? Don't know, don't care. Fact is it is not a

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Start Earning Bitcoin with Bitcoin Hoopla

Published on 12-18-2017 12:12:40 PM by Courtney Thompson

Bitcoin Hoopla is Your Earn Bitcoins Simple!

The Most Productive Builder Online!

1) Traffic

2) Commissions

3) Bitcoin

Bubbling Up and Overflowing and Never Running Dry!

Follow our simple easy

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The Simple Way to Build Online Bitcoin Business

Published on 10-21-2017 04:10:35 PM by Courtney Thompson

Bitcoin Hoopla is the brainchild of Bill Carr and Team Hoopla. It is a "set and forget" system for building downline, Bitcoin and income. 

Even a complete beginner with no idea when it comes to web success or a real

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Published on 10-19-2017 04:10:41 PM by Courtney Thompson

If you missed out on the beginning of BITCOIN, don't miss out on ELECTRONEUM. 

It's a new I.C.O. based out of the U.K. 

Hey here's your chance to buy 'Bitcoin' for only a penny... 

Remember those people who acquired

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