A critical mistake that I see so many new Affiliates make

Published by Gabriel Munteanu — 03-28-2018 06:03:52 PM

From Brian Rooney TrafficWave.net owner

get signupsOn a regular basis, I hear from Affiliates who have a consistent complaint: “I can’t get signups.”. My answer is, simply, “Stop trying to get signups.”. Too many Affiliates are focused on getting signups, getting referrals, building a downline, etc… I get it. We get taught that nonsense by some of the top “coaches” and “leaders” in the industry.

When your focus is on “how to get signups” or “how to build your downline” or “how to get referrals”, you are making things much harder on yourself.

I do realize that you want sales. You should.

I do realize that you want to get signups. You should.

I do realize that you want to build your income. You should.

But a critical mistake that I see so many new Affiliates make is that they are focused on their own desires more than they are focused on helping someone solve a problem. Let me share with you something I learned many years ago.

I was working for a commercial finance company. I was young and starting to make some good money. During a meeting, a group of us were talking about a particular deal we had in the works. I leaned over to the broker that was leading this deal and said, “Wow … if we get this deal done, you are going to make a LOT of money!“. 

Without being rude or condescending, he said to me, “Brian, I never think about the money. My focus is on providing a solution that will help my clients grow their business. If I do that well, the money just comes.“.

It was an amazing teaching moment for me. I began shifting my focus from “How do I build my income?” to “How do I help more businesses grow?”.

Are you ready for the fun part? The more I helped businesses find a solution to their problem, the more money I made. My income actually tripled over the next 6 months.

I want to encourage you to shift your focus, as well. I get that you want to make money; maybe even NEED to make money. Make your focus about how you can help your clients. When you provide a solution to their problem, you won’t be able to stop the money from coming to you.

How does this apply to you as a TrafficWave Affiliate? 

get signupsAs a TrafficWave Affiliate, you can easily find other businesses, entrepreneurs, etc… that need to generate more leads and follow up with prospects to drive sales. From the network marketer, to the realtor … from the entertainer to the restaurant owner … they all have that need to generate more leads and drive more sales. And they are everywhere!

Notice that I’m not telling you “Everybody should join TrafficWave.” Who should join TrafficWave? Business owners, network marketers, affiliate marketers, restaurant owners, authors, entertainers, copy writers, clubs, web designers, schools, entrepreneurs.

When you show these groups how to generate more leads, drive sales, improve communication, and more with powerful email marketing tools from TrafficWave.net, you begin to solve their biggest problem and you won’t be able to stop the money from coming in.

I see some Affiliates who are focused solely on “how to get signups”. Some of them do pretty well. Most of them burn out pretty quick as folks don’t stick around and apply the training long enough to make a difference. They are “get signups” driven. These are typically the “program jumpers” we are all so familiar with.

I see other Affiliates who are USING the tools to build their own prospect lists for their various offers. AND they are showing other entrepreneurs, businesses, and marketers how do use the tools to get results in their businesses. They are “value” driven.

They are focused on helping businesses and entrepreneurs solve a problem! As a result, they can’t help but get signups and make more money.

A recent example I can share from my own experience:

Anybody that knows me is aware that I own an email marketing company. I post about it. I talk about it. I advertise my capture pages. I get people joining my lists on a daily basis. These folks WANT to know more about email marketing. As they join my list, my autoresponder follows up showing them how we can help them solve the problem of lead generation and sales.

Today, someone who recently found themselves in a position of needing an autoresponder to help with lead generation, follow up, training, and sales reached out to me to ask, “Can I use your service to send out a newsletter to the prospects I get from these trade shows I am doing?“.

They need a solution that lets them enter all these leads in to a database and send out a regular newsletter. Today, I am helping a new marketing director solve one of her biggest problems. I have a new customer. My income will go up as a result.

My focus in any conversation with her has been, “Here’s how we can help you”. I never tried to get her to be a referral. I focused on helping her solve a problem. She became a customer, a referral, a signup. And, if I do a good job showing her how to get results in her business with our tools, she will be a customer for very long time.

Do you really want to succeed as a TrafficWave Affiliate? Shift your focus to helping solve problems for potential customers. When you do, you won’t be able to stop your income from growing."

To Your Success,

Gabriel Munteanu