Are you seeking good traffic sources to build your LAS downline?

Published by Gary Welsh — 12-21-2016 01:12:03 PM

Several persons online have asked me, Gary how have you done it? What system, website or technique do you use to introduce new member to LAS on a daily basis. 

In short my answer to both question is traffic. But in more details  the trick is to provide quality targeted traffic to your programme page everyday. 

On another note I must commend the LAS team for constantly trying to assist its members with new splashpages and ways to promote the programme as people online tends to get bored pretty easily which brings me to my next point. While it is good to drive traffic to your products splash or capture page on a daily basis, it would be good if you could get a customize splashpage which is unique to you which separates you from the pack. This is normally my key aim when joining any new programme as the tendency for most persons only, (especially newbies) is to send traffic to the same programme page that all other members or sending it to which then prevents the viewer from separating you from your competitors but I digress.

I am guess most of you by now are saying just give me access to the same traffic source you are which I will in a moment, however please bare in mind that all that I have just previously said does factor in your conversion rate with the traffic sources you will see in the link below so with no further delay, if you want to use one of my primary traffic sources, please click the link below to get access...

Link  ==> Targeted Traffic Source

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I have been online from 2013 and have been making money online since. I love recruiting other internet marketers into good business that can both allow them to earn an extra income online and I also encourage them to join business such as Leasedadsspace which can be used to support their other business online and supply quality traffic to their business and programmes.