What I Like Abpout LeadsLeap

Published by John Kespert — 12-20-2021 09:12:40 AM

LeadsLeap is a traffic exchange.

Or is it?

Well, you do earn credits if you view ads on LeadsLeap. And you can use those credits to post your own ads.

So, in that sense, it is a traffic exchange.

But it also has a web page builder that you can use absolutely for free. And the pages that you can make look great. They can have special effects that grab the attention of those who see them. When that happens, more people are apt to act on what they see.

You can make a variety of different kinds of web pages on this platform. You can make sales pages, opt in pages, and thank you pages. And you can link them together to form powerful sales funnels, just like professional marketers do.

 Here is an image of a page that I made recently. Click on the image if you'd like to see the page itself.

Pages like that do get me opt-ins who are added to whatever I email lists I have associated with them. The email lists can be within LeadsLeap or other autoresponder responders. As soon as somebody verifies the confirmation email, they are sent to whatever web page I want. Free LeadsLeap members can later send broadcast emails to those on their lists, and Pro members can include as many follow up autoresponder emails as they want. 

You can can also place their ads on the pages you make, or on your blogs and websites. If you use the LeadLeap tracker you can also have pop up ads show up on pages you promote. If people click on those ads, you will earn commissions. That is why you so often see pages like the one in the picture below that include those ads. Go ahead on click on the image to see the page itself.

When you are on the LeadsLeap website, if you click on at least 10 ads a day, you will earn you bonus credits that you can use for advertising or turn them into cash whenever you have at least 50 credits. If you refer others, you will also earn at least 5% overiding credits from your first level referrals. If you refer more than 20, you will earn at least 5% overiding credits from 10 levels of referrals! Use them for advertising or turn them into cash.

Speaking about cash, free members earn 25% monthly commissions from those they refer who upgrade to Pro. If you become Pro yourself you will earn 50% commissions from your referrals who become Pro members.

Pro members get to have 10 ads that are shown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without using up any credits. Pro members automatically get additional followers added to a Spillover level from which they earn bonus credits to use for advertising or turning into cash.

So, do you see why I like LeadsLeap so much? And why I like being a Pro member? If you would like to get in on all the benefits available in LeadsLeap, why not join today?

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I like to help others become more successful in whatever business they are already in. That is why I use LeadsLeap which provides powerful marketing tools both for free members and those who upgrade to Pro. They also have lucrative commissions for all members.