HealthyNULiving Opportunity 2x10 spill-over matrix is worth $5,150. a month.

Published by Philip Harman — 12-20-2021 06:12:15 PM

Watch Our HealthyNULiving Affiliate Opportunity Pay Plan Video at:

HealthyNULiving Video bullet Points:


In 2022 the name of Pro will be changed to Affiliate.


We  pay daily and ship to over 100 countries with

discounted shipping.

We already have 30 in-demand quality products in

popular categories at deeply discounted prices.

Be sure to review our products on our website.

Even free members get great discounts.


Affiliates (formally called Pros) get an additional

20% to 40 % discount for product purchases.


Receive one share in the co-op advertising

as part of the $30/month Associate Business Builder requirement.


 Receive a $25.00 Business-Builder Bonus

for each affiliate you sponsor.


As an affiliate receive 20% commissions for all

purchases made by Personally sponsored

Free Members and Affiliates.


The 2x10 spill-over matrix is worth $5,150. a month.


Receive a 100% match of each personally

sponsored Affiliates Matrix organization.


Sign up for free, look around.

Hurry to upgrade to affiliate which puts you

in the next highest spot in the matrix!

HealthyNULiving Affiliate Opportunity Pay Plan Video at:

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