My Cashjuice Review - A Facebook For Affiliate Marketers?

Published by David Hurley — 02-19-2024 05:02:51 AM

CashJuice is an internet marketing resource that I recently rediscovered. Despite being a member for quite some time and even taking the basic upgrade, I neglected it. However, I have now come back to it and want to show you why. Let's take a quick tour around Cashjuice and see what it's all about.

A "Facebook" for Internet Marketers

CashJuice is a bit like "Facebook for internet marketers," but with the added benefit of a traffic exchange. It's the sister site of Traffic Ad Bar - one of the most popular traffic exchanges on the Internet.

On CashJuice, we don't directly show people our landing pages or affiliate pages. Instead, we direct them to posts that we have made on the site.

To promote your posts, you can earn credits by clicking a button and viewing other people's posts for a few seconds - this is how it resembles a "traffic exchange." As you view the posts you can upvote them, comment on them, and also share them on your own feed.

Daily Profit Share

As an upgraded member, you can also earn a share of the daily site earnings for those activities and for your referrals' activities.

League Tables

Additionally, there is a series of league tables where you can check your position and see who has been performing well. That is a good way to seek out the influencers on the platform and start following them.

Upgrade Options

For those looking for even more benefits, CashJuice offers upgrade options. There are two levels: a basic onetime payment upgrade and the premium monthly upgrade. Upgrading allows you to earn higher commissions and enjoy more posting options. As an upgraded member, you also gain access to ads commissions, which is what funds the daily share pot I mentioned above.


One feature that particularly caught my attention is the Groups. I have created a private group called "Get More Sales" for my 100% commission marketing funnel members. A group gives you a private space to share information and communicate with your own community-within-a-community on Cashjuice.

Although Cashjuice boasts 50,000 members, it doesn't feel like that when you surf the platform, which is a pity as I think it has a lot to offer Internet marketers who could benefit from a community like this.

David Hurley


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