Most Effective Online Advertising Techniques To Use With Leased Ad Space

Published by David Hurley — 01-05-2017 10:01:59 PM

I am always looking for the most effective online advertising techniques to apply to my business.

When Leased Ad Space launched, I began to hear reports about the quality of the advertising services offered on the platform. 

That prompted me to check out the service and buy the $7 Pearl advertising package. I quickly saw the value of being able to send a solo ad to every member of LAS every 28 days for LIFE with no need to pay again.

I started testing a few banner and text ads as well. Two things struck me about posting ads on LAS: 

1. Transparency: when you log in to check your ads, you can clearly see how many views and how many clicks each ad has received, and the percentage CTR. 

2. Easy Split-Testing: Because you have all the ad stats available, you can run two versions of each ad and instantly see which ad performs better on the LAS platform. Then modify the less effective ad and see if you can beat the better ad. That way you can gradually improve your CTR.

Another unique feature I really like about LAS is their ad blog. Every time you send a solo ad, the system also posts it as a blog post on the LAS ad blog, giving you a permanent link to your offer.

As if that was not enough, LAS owner Richard Weberg rolled out a Personal Blog Service at the end of 2016. That gives every member of LAS a way to leverage the platform and drive more traffic to their offers by uploading key-word specific content. Even free members of LAS have access to the blog although they won't be able to add any hyperlinks. To do that you simply need to purchase the $7 Pearl package. Pay once and blog for life, in addition to all the other advertising services that come with the Pearl package! 


If you have not yet signed up to LAS, Here is the Registration Page Link - hop in today and start driving quality traffic to your landing pages. Or simply register as a free member and check out the services in more detail on the inside. I'm pretty sure you will like what you see.

David Hurley

P. S. Click this link for more info about the most effective online advertising techniques to use with LAS.

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