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Published by Marcel Bijl — 01-24-2017 03:01:52 PM

Downlinebuilders ; What are they ? The why and how.

A downline builder is a selection of programs that you are able to promote with just one link. Most of them are massive, with a lot of programs where you have to sign up and maintain. Sometimes even nesting builders in builders. The most profitable way of using downline builders is to sign up all of the programs. It might look like a good idea to promote as many as possible programs at one time but it is just too complex, overwhelming and unnecessary. I personally think that a downline builder is the best alternative for a time-consuming blog.

Build your matrix” is a free tiny downline builder specialized in the top 5 matrixes only. Let's use this builder as an overall example to explain the working and power of downlinebuilders.

How does it work

As said with “Build your matrix” you are been able to promote only 5 carefully selected MLM programs. It is wise to sign up at all of these but this can be done during the progress, there is no need to sign-up, and pay, for all at once.

If you already a member of one of them you can use your existing ref link, you don’t have to sign up again. 

Just put in all your usernames or ID codes into step 6, not the whole link, only your name. When done, you start promoting “Build your matrix”. If you are already a member you can easily set up this autoresponder in step 7 and start using the pre-build list capture pages. 

By promoting “Build your matrix “only, you promote all your filled out ref links at once.

If someone leaves their data into the capture pages, this data belongs to you and not the system. So, by using the capture pages, you are branding yourself and building your prospects list at the same time. Which you can use for all your other communication.

When someone signs up under you in ”Build your matrix”, all your filled out ref links are assigned to that person, meaning that if your refs buys a MLM matrix program that you already have, you get paid for it. If you didn’t sign up for that MLM matrix, the commissions go the first one above you who has. (and you misses out). That’s why it’s best for you and your prospects to sign up at all the programs in the end.

What is the power of build your matrix ?

First, half the power, are the supporting skype and facebook group. They can by found when scrolling down in step 1 and the first page after logging in at “Build your matrix”. These are, when you asked for it, very supporting groups with some real veteran marketers in it, eager to help you get on the road to success. Please sign up for this groups, and use them. This is a very powerful tool and you don’t have do it alone anymore.

The goal of “Build you matrix” is, promoting, promoting and promoting. That’s why they provide you with a huge base of high-quality splash pages, banners, text ads and solo emails. All the pre-work is done for you and you only have to copy/paste the promoting letters and images to get started.

The chosen MLM matrix programs in ”build your matrix” is a balanced list of advertising, training and  an autoresponder. Some have monthly fees (and income) and some has a one-time-payment (and income). You can choose yourself if you go for the one-time payment or monthly fees first. The programs you are promoting also have all the tools you need as an internet marketer, Making it a turn key system for you, not just a bunch of lose programs.

The programs in “build your matrix” 

These are the ones you can use yourself and you are promoting using your one “build your matrix” ref link. You can read the program details, cost and potential earnings in the steps 1-5

Four corner alliance - Internet marketer training matrix - One time $ 18 out of pocket. - Full pro autoresponder, list building, Matrix earning structure - $ 17 monthly

Leasedadspace - Solo mail matrix - lifetime Seo tweaked blog (like you reading right now) - lifetime sending mail to thousands every 28 days (only 15 mails to read to unlock) - one time advertise package - $ 7,00 one time out of pocket. - ideal to promote build your matrix

Crazy on banners - 2 lifetime banner ads - 2 lifetime text ads -1,000 full page login ad views - matrix earning structure - $20 one time, ideal to promote "Build your matrix"

The online ad network - advertising - matrix earning structure - $ 17,95 month also very good to promote build your matrix.

As you can see, this is a 360-degree system, that can promote itself by using the programs that are already inside. Giving you training, build your own list and providing you with the necessary advertising space.

Final words, 

I know that the above is a bit technical stuff and hope that it will clear up the how-to-use, power of promoting one link for several programs and the done-for-you promoting materials of downline builders, especially the whole idea behind of the “build your matrix” downline builder where I strongly believe in. I have chosen to work with this systems because I really feel this is the most promising and honest way to promote MLM matrixes, without having to bug my family, friends and coworkers. Which I think that can really hurt me. Downline builders and “Build your matrix” gives me the opportunity to promote my matrix programs to people who knows where they are getting into without being “the-irritating-selling-at-birthday's-uncle”

If you have any questions or need more info, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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