A Better Than GladiaCoin Option! !Double your bitcoins in 60 days

Published by Kris Baringer — 04-28-2017 06:04:37 PM

WalletPllus, new Gladiacoin style fresh investment, this will be TOP!

Hi guys,

I want to present you all my last investment WalletPllus, a Gladiacoin style investment.

Gladiacoin it's a well known company working around for more then 100 days that doubles your bitcoins in 90 days.

Walletpllus it's the same system but with improvements, less time to double and some extra features.

So let's see what this system does, and make a little comparison to Gladiacoin:

- Double your bitcoins in 60 days (Gladiacoin 90 days)

- Daily profit fixed at 3,3%

- AUTO-Binary system, you get referrals automatic from the network 

- You can withdraw daily manually or payments can be made automatically to your wallet (min 0.01btc)

- You receive a SMS at your cellphone each time system pays you

- You can send and receive bitcoins from WalletPllus users, this is a great way for people that have more than 1 account ( example: wife account )

- Your mobile phone can be recharged with this system (only some networks check webpage)

- You can pay some bills with this system (again check webpage for more info about this)

About Packages:

- Basic 0.05btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 0.10BTC | Binary 5 %

- Basic 0.1btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 0.20BTC | Binary 7 %

- Basic 0.3btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 0.60BTC | Binary 8 %

- Basic 0.5btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 1BTC | Binary 10 %

- Premium 1btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 2BTC | Binary 15 %

- Premium 2btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 4BTC | Binary 17 %

- Premium 3btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 6BTC | Binary 20 %

- Premium 4btc | Expires in 60 days | Daily earning limit: 8BTC | Binary 25 %

Why should you trust this system ?

Well i will be honest with you, most of the top investors i know are Portuguese/Brazilian like me and some of them know the owners of this project

and told me it's 100% safe, as i trust most of that guys and specially the guy that invited me to this system i joined!

  I am also in Gladiacoin and it's working well but this one pays better so why not.

Its a risk yes , Gladiacoin was also a risk and they don't even have support program, look at the amount of bitcoins they paid already to their clients for more than 100 days.

So i will take this risk , and i want you to take this risk with me because i know we will win a lot of money.

I started for now with the 0.10 pack , you can upgrade your pack anytime on your account.

To start on WalletPllus click HERE. 

Any doubt you have or anything i can help send me private message to this forum or post in the thread.

Guys there are not many systems like this and there is a fresh opportunity here.

I am sure we will win a lot of bitcoins here! 

Thank you for reading and i will be posting here all my earnings at this company.

To start on WalletPllus click HERE. 

All my Best,



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