What If?? A Second Income (PASSIVE) Overtakes Your Job money..WHAT IF??

Published by Kris Baringer — 07-13-2017 07:07:57 PM

What's up folks :)

1.  What if you put $100 into BTC in 2009 when it was a dime. Now It's 2.5k

2.  What if you had the chance to be in the same position today

3.  What if it can be done PASSIVELY

4.  What if we can do what the Wealthy do to make money

5.  What if we can do it on our own budget and our own time

That is where we are in this crazy world on online/internet marketing.  One thing is for certain that RIGHT NOW (TODAY)

"Is the easiest time in the history of internet marketing to make money!!"

The reason is simple.


Passive earnings

Everything in life is Reward vs Risk.  We make decisions every day that we say is the risk worth the reward.  Even our jobs, as mundane as they are come with a risk.  Do we feel  the hassle we have to take from our boss, the fear of being fired, the fear of the business changing hands or going out of business is worth the reward of what they pay me

Well, it is exactly the same in the internet marketing space.  We see something, we weigh the risk vs reward and then say yes or no.  Unfortunately we bought into a lot of "guru" BS that it was easy and they would do the heavy lifting, spent tons of money on product, leads, auto responders,systems, only to say I wasn't looking for another job, I just want some money.

Nothing was truly PASSIVE until now and that's why so many people are becoming wealthy like the rich people say  "Make Your Money Work For YOU!!"

Play with this calculator and decide what type of risk you can take for the reward of compounding your investment.  Put in the amount you are comfortable with, 3% daily, play with amount of days, play with amount to reinvest, and no weekends.  IT WILL KEEP YOU UP TONIGHT AND YOU WON'T SLEEP!!


Remember what a penny doubling every day for 30 days is??  Try it!!

Vtec pays us 3% daily (Mon-Fri) and you can take it out every day or let it stay in and compound.

If you take you earnings every day you will get back 160% over 45 days

If you let it compound you will get back 390% over 45 days.  (That is huge)

Directions to move forward

1.  You get a bitcoin wallet (free) and buy some bitcoin


2.  You now have an asset that is increasing like crazy.  See what the smartest investors in the world are saying


3.  Download telegram app on your iPhone or Android. 

 Once you download it from your app store  CLICKHERE

This will connect you to Vtec and you are running a business on your phone

"The Problem With People is Their Fear Of Loss is Greater That Their Desire To Gain"

"You Only Live Once, But If You Do It Right Once Is Enough!"


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