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About Jerry Long


I am a retired senior citizen who has had several careers. I have worked as a electrical optical-mechanical engineer for forty years and I also have had a career for 54 years in photography. I was fortunate to have been a staff photographer for LA's first Rock & roll newspaper the KRLA BEAT. I got to photograph and meet some of the greatest rock musicians in history. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, Gerry & the Pacemakers, The Beach Boys, the Supremes and many others. The politicians and the bankers have destroyed our country and made life very hard for everyone except the very rich. I have had a dream of 40 years to move back to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of Australia. I had a job that took me there to live and work 40 years ago. To fulfill my dream, I have embarked on a new career of Internet marketing. For anyone looking to supplement or expand their income, please join me and I will help you succeed.

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