How to Properly Use Traffic Exchanges to Build An Empire

Published by Gary Chappelle — 01-26-2017 08:01:09 AM

I have been building a successful income online since 2008 when I quit my corporate job and devoted myself to my home business. The first thing I figured out I had to learn was how to get traffic to my web sites. But it wasn't just about getting traffic. That's easy! The hard part is learning how to get quality traffic that converts.

There are a LOT of ways to get quality traffic, but often it costs a lot of money, and in those early days of building my home business, I didn't have a lot of money to invest in solo ads, or lead generation providers.

I started with Google Ads early on because even though it did cost some cash up front, I learned how to get a good return on my money. And that worked great for about a year until the infamous "Google Slap" came along and my ads no longer worked. I was in a panic after that and didn't know what I was going to do to get advertising for my sites.

It was immediately after this that I discovered the fantastic world of traffic exchanges.

And it seems like people either love them or hate them.

The people that hate them simply haven't figured out how to properly use them. And the people that love them, like me, use them to generate hundreds or even thousands of leads every month for their various businesses.

Traffic exchanges are great because they are either free to use, or are very inexpensive to use if one decides to upgrade to get even more traffic.

Learning to properly utilize traffic exchanges saved my business, and I know it can help you as well.

That's why I decided to put my expertise on traffic exchanges into a POWERFUL FREE REPORT.

In this report, I reveal a lot of the tips and tricks I use today to get the maximum value from traffic exchanges. And I even provide a list of some of the top traffic exchanges that I use to generate the leads for my businesses.

Download the report today.

All I ask is that after you implement these strategies, please send me a testimonial. I want to include YOU in a future edition of this report and use your testimonial as proof of how well it works.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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After years in the corporate rat race, my wife Deb and I made the tough choice to chunk it all for the dream of earning a living online. It wasn’t always easy, especially when we first started out, but we learned that we didn’t really have a “Plan B”. We HAD to make it work. Today we have a thriving online business that allows us to do what we want to do, when we want to do it, and with whom we choose to do it. We especially love to travel and interact with other like-minded individuals who have their own dreams. We call our “Tribe” of online friends “The Job Slayers” because that’s our mission in life.