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Published by John B Opio — 11-03-2018 03:11:20 PM

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When we look at our oceans we see our blue shores and a place to enjoy life and relax. 

But when you look deeper, you see the devastation that's really caused, the great garbage patch, the littered shores, the animals suffering with their home we use for our waste.

What I've found is something that aims to help, aims to do more than just a fraction of the Ocean clean up, we want to make a change with this and we are already making the steps to change the future of the seas and the future of the less fortunate around the world. 

Our aims? 

Ocean clean up 

Recycling the waste 

Producing housing panels from that waste 

Providing housing for 3rd world countries.

And when all of the above are already backed by JV partnerships, government interest and a community of nearly 4000 people this really is something to be a part of! 

When purpose meets crypto it really is something special 

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