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Hello Kia Ora From New Zealand
I am Tita Julz Ann Paekau, 62 years old, 9 children (6 girls 3 boys).
I have 30 grandchildren and 7 great grand children a blessing in it's self.
Marketing for near on 10 years i have lost huge amounts of money along the way.
Heaven forbid that should have put me off for life.
BUT NO!!! 2016 was probably the ice breaker came across many scammers that i was to blind to see and easily lead on to believe i was going to make it rich overnight how naive.

Please believe me when i say that after taking a break of several months from my entreprenuerial blunders i now do my due diligence and will take on programs only when i've watched video's, googled names, friended people who are on a path to securing a financial future within a team arena and make decisions wisely keeping things on track

With my new found confidence i look forward to making the best use of my Red Diamond membership to enhance my advertising endeavours here at LAS.

As we move into the Cryto Currency era i have come across a multitude of Bitcoin entrepreneurs and programs but i must choose wisely and surround my self with positive thinking people.

Please feel free to pre-view my programs of choice
TBC - The Billion Coin Kringle Cash - http://kringle.cash/?link=Julesann
USI Tech - https://db229037.usi-tech.info/
DasCoin NetLeaders - https://netleaders.com/ref/julztpae
Btcgds.com - http://btcgds.com/ref/28b52b46d5

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