Is List-Building just a Scam?

Published by Klaus Buchenau — 07-20-2021 12:07:20 PM

Are You Starting To Think List-Building is just a Scam?

The sad reality is, most List Building Training & Services are only offered to Build Someone Else's List!

They might look good on paper, but most rely on gimmicks, loop-holes or outright deception. The goal isn't to teach you how to build a big list, or even give you the tools to do it... but to get you onto their list!

These systems rarely work as promised. People have finely-tuned BS-meters these days. If you try to trick them into opting in they'll just use throw-away emails. If you try to bribe them into subscribing they'll just opt out the minute they've gotten whatever it was you were offering.

One way or another...

The faster some miracle system builds your list, the quicker your subscribers stop reading your emails.

Our approach is to focus on bringing people in to use high-value, super-engaging websites that you'll know they'll want to keep using long-term. That way you'll have all the time you need to develop a real connection and get them to a point where they want to hear from you!

The best of these have a viral component to multiply your efforts many times over. So you can contact them, develop a relationship with them, and only then do you invite them to join your actual list.

Most people are too lazy or impatient to work the long-game like this, but if you do, you'll build a list of people who actually want to hear from you, who'll open your emails, click your links and stick with you long-term.

Compare that to the approach most of the would-be gurus sell... trick 'em onto your list and bombard them with as many offers as you can before they opt-out... and I think most people will see why this value-add approach will always win out in the long run.

The all-important first step is to engage them in some complimentary viral programs that deliver real, immediate benefits. Here's the set I'm currently using, plus you'll find our easy set up guide below, to create a page just like this for yourself!

#1. List Outbreak

This is our primary list builder. It builds a 15-level downline that you can email any time you like. We use it to connect with our downline and invite those interested onto our main mailing list, where we share of our best content and offers.

This does take a little while to get going, but once it starts to move, it gets very big, very fast! Set it up and commit to promoting this page consistently for 6-12 months and this one will build you a massive list. They key is to share your strategy (ie this page!) with your referrals, so they can easily duplicate your success!

#2. Traffic Syndicate 25

TS25 puts all members into syndicates based on their actual performance, rather than simply lumping people together based on who referred them. This approach means you can get yourself into one of the top syndicates simply by referring users... No Surfing Required!

As an example, I'm almost always high up in TS#1 or TS#2, the top 2 syndicates, just from referrals. This earns me thousands of credits every week, but I haven't surfed this site in over 10 years! Our approach here will bring in both networkers and surfers, so you'll enjoy similar results.

#3. Traffic G

This is a popular Traffic Exchange but we're most interested in the StartPage Exchange. You can grab your Super Start Referral link (StartPage Exchange in LH Menu) and set it as your Browser Start page... and start earning credits every time you open your web browser.

More importantly, you also earn credits each time your referrals open theirs... and their referrals, all the way down through 5 levels. This can create some serious daily traffic, totally hands-free. You'll find additional instructions on our Advanced StartPage Strategy page... be sure to check that out AFTER you're all set up here!

#4. Leads Leap

LeadsLeap rpovides a suite of free list marketing tools, including optin pages, list managers and even a newsletter publisher, so you can reach out to your subscribers. If you want to create an autoreponder series you'd need to upgrade, but with this strategy, you'll usually do better with standalone newsletters anyway!

Even if you already have an autoresponder service of your own, this is worth offering to your referrals so anyone who needs these functions can get set up, quickly and easily. Remember, your success depends on giving your referrals all the information and tools they need, so they can replicate what you're doing!

#5. EzBannerz

This Viral Banner program is also a powerful downline builder that we use here to broaden your network and bring in new people over multiple levels, and no just from your direct personal referrals.

The real value here is, when people join you in EzBanners via your copy of this page, then they will already be 'in' your network, and EzBannerz will allow them to bring an even wider audience into your network after that. Their own referrals repeat the process, down through several levels, so you are growing your own list wider and wider at each new level.

#6. Viral URL

This last program has two very important features for us. The first of which is the ability to email your downline using your registered email address. So if people sign up and block ViralURL emails, you can still get you messages through from your personal address.

You can also earn credits & cash by showing their ad codes and using their link tracker. You can then use both to email random members... members who tend to be very receptive to a strategy page like this that adds value to a program they're already using!

The process here is simple... register for each of these, confirm your email then login to grab your referral links. Once you've done that, complete the steps below and you're ready to go!

It's All About Easy Duplication...

The secret here is to make it easy for your referrals to duplicate your success.

Signing people up to new programs online is ridiculously easy if you're persistent... but that won't do you any good at all until they repeat the process.

And most people haven't got a clue how to make that happen!

That's where this page comes in... with one simple page you're automatically promoting each of these programs AND you're giving your referrals the exact tools they need to duplicate your success.

Here's how you can duplicate this in the next 10 minutes!

STEP 1. Please Steal This Page!

This system works when you remove all hurdles and make it super-easy for your people to duplicate your efforts.

So please make a copy of this page... you can copy-and-paste everything into a new page on your Blog, or view source to grab the HTML for a standalone website. Then just change the referral links to use your IDs and you're ready to go!

If you want to tweak the text a bit, that's fine, but I really don't mind if you copy it word-for-word... as long as you get it done and start sending traffic TODAY!

STEP 2. Use This Page To Presell The Individual Programs

The main thing is to NEVER send traffic directly to any of the programs above.

Always send your visitors to this Strategy Page first. This becomes a major value-add for them, and in return, people who might sign up for one program... and do nothing... will now sign up for multiple programs and get to work!

This is especially important for the various program's ad banners. Send those visitors to this page too! Those are hot prospects... people who have chosen to click your banner to find out more... so that traffic will convert like crazy.

Regardless of the traffic source, you'll be growing your WHOLE NETWORK with every referral... and giving those people the tools they need to quickly duplicate your efforts.

STEP 3. Turn On The Traffic!

If you're doing business online you MUST have Ongoing Traffic Systems in place, so you can deliver visitors wherever you want, whenever you want.

If you're still spending all your time chasing traffic credits you can only use once, you need to break the cycle and start building Traffic Systems NOW.

Clicking for credits is not building your business... because whenever you stop, you'll be right back where you started. Instead you should use any available time to develop ongoing traffic systems. Once they're in place, you'll have all the time you need to get serious about developing your business.

Here's how it looks once to get it set up...

First up I add an email or two for this Strategy Page to my main autoresponder series. I'll also add an email or two for each of the individual programs, linking those to this page as well. For good measure I'll also add a few P.S. links to some of my existing emails.

I then add the banners to my free EzAdz Banner Rotators, again I use this page as the destination URL so everyone comes here first. I've already added these Campaign Codes to hundreds of traffic sites, so this only takes a couple of minutes to start generating instant exposure.

Finally, I add this Strategy Page and individual SplashPage links to my EzAdz Rotators. Again I've already done the work posting these on various traffic sites, so it's even more instant, hands-free visitor traffic!

With those three simple steps, I immediately have quality visitor traffic passing through this Strategy Page where I've given you multiple recommendations PLUS a simple strategy you can easily implement yourself, so you can quickly duplicate my results.

So can you see the power of this approach?

If you can, then there's no excuse... stop what you're doing, and set it up now!

Take 5 minutes to register for each of the programs above, and another 5 minutes to copy this page... that's it. TEN MINUTES! Then just get some initial traffic happening and this thing will literally grow itself...

Delivering traffic, signups, leads and commissions... all from the one simple page I'm giving you right now!

Don't Forget To Use These Tools Yourself!

As your network grows you will accumulate a lot of credits on all these sites. Make sure you put them to good use...

It's an especially good tactic to use them to promote this page... a lot of people are more likely to set something like this up when they already have one or more of the programs. They figure they've already started so they might as well finish it... so if you email the members of these sites, you'll always find a few looking for ways to power-up their results.

Keep an eye on your referrals' purchases too. Some of these programs get very generous with commissions once you upgrade... so if you notice your sign-ups upgrading one of these programs on a regular basis, consider upgrading yourself to get a bigger cut!

Want A Plug-n-Play Version of This Page?

This is one of the many Pro Marketing Pages you get in your EzHitzs Traffic Machine. Just add these to your traffic exchanges or safelist mailouts, and watch EVERYTHING grow... your traffic, your referrals, your commissions.

Also, consider this... I didn't do ANY of the usual tedious traffic work... traffic surfing, reading emails, clicking ads... to get you here and I certainly didn't pay for any ads.

The fact you are here reading this is proof that EzHitzs' Automated Traffic Systems works perfectly without all that busy-work.

So if you're sick of constantly chasing random one-time visitors, and if you'd rather be working on growing your business, make sure you Check out EzHitzs while you're here...

EzHitzs Perpetual Traffic Machine

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