Have you ever heard about promoting downwards?

Published by Klaus Biesel — 03-11-2017 11:03:20 PM

When i stumbled over an advertising for Allinoneprofits i was told that if I join and upgrade that I will get 6 paid referrals just because of being a member of that team. What happened? Nothing of course. I simply got fooled and i hate that it happened to me.

At this time though i wasn't that experienced as I m used to be now, and decided to try it again. I studied the compensation plan and noticed that it is just perfect if one does things different. I DO NOT PROMOTE my own account for AIOP. 


I PROMOTE TOWARDS my downlines accounts. That's what i call promoting DOWNWARDS.

So why I keep doing that? Sounds like I lost my mind?

Why the average team fails is obvious after I studied the way AIOP works.

I will only get members into my downline, yes they pay me, but how long?

When I promote my own account my upline does get every second sale due to my effort without doing nothing.

Time to change that!

I promote my downlines account. My downlines get paid for the first referral i bring in for him or her, and I get the second, and so on.

Means why should my downline ever quit, because his or her account is already paid by the one I brought in?

Those who understand will keep doing just the same, helping their downlines to get referrals instead promoting for their lazy  and or selfish uplines.

I am not just talking about Team work, in our Team we do what we say.

When you click that banner above, or this link you will see random members of my Team, who would be glad to help you too. Promoting your AIOP account instead of their own.

Making my point now:

I do NOT want you to join under me at all, infact if you are not willing to help your downline as we do, I don't want you to join at all.

If you are committed to the way how we understand TEAMWORK, you are very much welcome and you will receive all the help you asked for! Not sure yet? Visit my BLOG and read how we work to get you started.

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