InstantRevShare...A Very Exciting Opportunity!

Published by Laura Dews — 01-30-2017 11:01:14 AM

Hi, my name is Laura Dews and I'm one of the team leaders in a brand new system called InstantRevShare that is currently in Soft Launch. It is going to create Financial Freedom for many in 2017 and I would like to help you become one of them. 

Please read below and you will see exactly what it is and exactly what it isn't. 


1. The InstantRev Share Instant Pay System!!! 

The word Instant in our system represents the following WHICH IS EXTREMELY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER REVSHARE SYSTEM. 

Our Admin Team programmed this into our system because other admins use software that ties up your money in something otherwise known as breakage and it is truly unfair to you the member! 

IN ALL OTHER REVSHARE SYSTEMS. They need to trigger the algorithms (algorithms a process or set of mathematical rules to be followed in software calculations that disperse funds on a specific time table) called a cron job is set in the database and usually done hourly, daily, weekly, etc. Hence, hourly revshare, 24 hour revshare, daily revshare, etc... 

Our InstantRevShare Software has been custom coded to do the following... Instant disbursement of profits. As soon as a new advertising sale is placed those profits are dispersed to members that have shares immediately in real time, that instant with no waiting. Hence, the name Instant RevShare. 


In all other RevShare systems you can only gain access to your earnings after your shares have matured or fully earned at there highest limit. 

At Instant RevShare EVERY PENNY EARNED IS IMMEDIATELY ACCESSIBLE TO YOU the member as it is earning or accruing. 

If your share available to you INSTANTLY to either purchase more advertising or withdraw it if you so choose. 

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2. Display Ads Offline

We are gearing up to distribute free software to network marketers all around the world. Free Mass mailer software, free list cleaner software, free QR code generating software, and more. Every piece of software we give away will be coded to display our ad slider system in. 

Our members ads will be displayed on 1000's of computers around the world by non members of our system Everytime they open up and use our software. 

The numbers will only increase our/ your ads penetration into the rest of the eworld the more software we give away and the more time goes by. 

Our Industry Exclusive Concepts for Ad Disbursement Systems and INSTANT Earnings Capabilities are what is going to knock the sox of the eWorld. 

Our admin team just created what's going to set a new standard in the network marketing arena. 

Join Me Now During our Soft-launch/Free Pre-Registration Phase and get Ready to be Part of the New Revshare Revolution! 

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Lets Gain Success Together In 2017 
InstantRevShare Team Leader
Laura Dews

PS: Please make sure my username (ladews) is in the referred by field so I can personally work with you and guide you to success!

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