Newspaper Ads

Published by Bernd Stange — 05-30-2017 10:05:03 AM

Offline Advertising for your Online Offers?!?

Newspaper Ads
Newspaper Ads

I'm circulating my offer page in 30k towns and cities across
 America and I'm converting sales like CRAZY.

Newspaper Advertising is BACK FROM THE DEAD!

Newspapers Alive: Circulate Your Offer in 30k Newspapers

EXTRA EXTRA! Read All About It!

Every day I get a minimum of 200 offer page visitors from (believe
 it or not) newspaper readers!

Newspaper Ads
Newspaper Ads

Newspapers Alive circulates my offer page in:

- USA Today
 - The New York Times
 - Los Angeles Times
 - New York Post
 - The Chicago Tribune
 - & up to 30,000 more

I can even see who is visiting my offer page in real time and
 exactly where they're from!

Space is extremely limited so secure your account sooner
 rather than later!

Newspaper Ads
Newspaper Ads

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Great Newspaper Ads



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