How to Create an Instant Residual Income

Published by Steve D — 04-16-2017 11:04:47 AM

There are many ways you can create an instant residual income, but the best way is to sell a product or service that people are going to buy month after month after month. This can be in the form of a subscription to a monthly newsletter or a product that your customers consume and continue to buy on a regular basis.

If you don’t have your own newsletter or your own product or service to sell, you can become an Affiliate and sell products or services created by someone else where you get paid a commission.

The products and services sold by Affiliate Programs range in value and so does the amount of commission being paid to the Affiliate. You can sell products for as low as $5 and high as $15,000 to $20,000 or more and a commission range from as low as 5 percent to as high as 100 percent.

Digital products have some of the higher commissions because it takes the company or individual that you are an Affiliate for very little money to produce and even less to deliver.

By far the best Affiliate Programs are those that allow you to build a team and pay you a commission when members of your team sell a product or service. This is referred to as Multi-level Marketing; however, what you are really doing is leveraging the time and efforts of your team to create a long-term residual income.

Think about the follow quote:

“I would rather have one percent of the efforts of 100 people rather than 100 percent of my own efforts.”

The more people that you have on your team means that there are more sales you can earn a commission on and the bigger your commission check.

Now ask yourself the following:

Would I rather have the commission on one sale a month or 100 sales a month?

Creating an instant residual income is about having a product or service that is in demand and a distribution network (the team you build) to get that product or service into the hands of consumers that need or want that product or service.

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