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Published by Leased Ad Space Team — 12-03-2018 03:12:33 PM

In today's video, I am going to show you how to activate

your affiliate status in Leased Ad Space, and where to

locate your affiliate links. Make sure and watch the entire

video, so you can see where to update your payment details

as well, so you can get paid when you have commissions



If you fail to put in your payment details and save them,

we can not pay you. There have been many very exciting

changes to Leased Ad Space over the last year, and we

always want to make sure you are fully aware of them.

What is the easiest thing to sell online?


Why is that?

Because every person, entrepreneur, website owner,
business needs more of it, in order to make money or promote anything online.

If you do not have lots of traffic, you are sunk, end of story.

What does Leased Ad Space provide you with?

The platform to sell and get traffic..

Think about this, who do you think made all the money in the early gold rush days?

Was it the people who had gold fever, or was it the people selling the picks,
the shovels, and tools needed to get the gold?

Well lets say, there was 50,000 people trying to strike it rich by finding gold,
how many do you think actually did so?..A 100..maybe..less?

BUT MAN THAT'S A LOT OF FRICK'IN shovels, picks and other tools these
people with gold fever bought!

Didn't matter if they struck gold or not, they still bought them, in droves,
because they had no chance of every finding gold with out them.


Everyone marketing online has a product or service to sell..And they are
going to purchase traffic from someone, somewhere at sometime..

Shouldn't it be from you?


We help you Build a true web presence online.

1.Networked Blog

2.Banner and Text Ads

3.Public Profile Page

4.Solo Ads

5.Adboard Directory

6.Search Engine Traffic/All Content Is Public

7.Affiliate Sales/Sell Any And All Traffic Products. Up to 75% Commissions

Snapshot of comments, talked about in video 2 above.

Having problems logging into Leased Ad Space..?


How to reset your password in Leased Ad Space


After watching the videos you can log in here or

reset your password if you need to..


It is our "one resonating goal" to help members,

Get more traffic...Get more exposure to your offers...and

to learn to become a better online marketer...Ultimately To

Make You more money.

We never give up, people that are loyal to us, we

are loyal to them..

Leased Ad Space is truly the best advertising

platform there is!


The Leased Ad Space Team

About Leased Ad Space Team


Every business, website, individual, entrepreneur needs traffic online. Without it, they make nothing.. And this is why we created Leased Ad Space to give people more real traffic from a variety of methods, including search engine traffic.. See, Leased Ad Space upfront may look like many other traffic platforms, but what the site actually does is very unique. Not only do you get banner, text, and solo ads, but the solo ads cross post to a blog, and every single solo ad creates a unique page that gets indexed by the search engines. So the more customers of the site there are, the more solo ads that get posted, and the more pages that get indexed in the search engines, all on autopilot. We never delete these pages, they are permanent. …And we give every customer a profile page, where they can post as much of their own content to it as they want to, so every one of these articles post to the traffic platform as well. This again equals more pages being indexed by the search engines. More visitors for our customers from the search engines Everyone's banner and text ads then get displayed on every one of these pages, so literally we deliver your ads on thousands of pages all across the internet. And lets not forget that every traffic package purchase is only a one-time cost, and when you purchase your first $7.00 traffic package, you will be able to send 1 solo ad to the entire subscribed database, every 28 days for the duration of your membership..No matter how big the site gets, you will have no further cost to do so at that frequency.. Want to send a solo ad more often, just simply purchase the next traffic package. Each traffic package comes with more benefits.. As a marketer, we wanted these traffic packages to stand on their own, you can not get these benefits for the price anywhere online for such a low cost. Get Your Real Humans Here, While Supplies Last! :) https://leasedadspace.com To your success Sincerely, The Leased Ad Space Team