My Honest Review of Live Good: Is It Worth Your Investment?

Published by Linda Bomba — 09-08-2023 12:09:48 PM


Network marketing companies have become increasingly popular over the years, offering people the promise of financial freedom and a flexible work schedule. Live Good is one such company that claims to offer life-changing opportunities through its products and compensation plan. In this honest review, I'll share my personal experiences and insights into Live Good to help you make an informed decision about whether this network marketing opportunity is right for you.

What Is Live Good?

Live Good is a network marketing company that primarily focuses on health and wellness products. They market a range of nutritional supplements, skincare products, and wellness services. The company's mission is to help people live healthier lives while providing a business opportunity for individuals to achieve financial success.

Pros of Live Good

  1. Quality Products: Live Good offers a variety of health and wellness products that are well-received by many customers. The quality of their products is one of their standout features, and this can make it easier to market them.
  2. Lucrative Compensation Plan: Live Good's compensation plan offers several ways to earn income, including retail sales, bonuses, and commissions. If you are skilled at building a network and are dedicated to putting in the effort, you can potentially earn a substantial income.
  3. Support and Training: The company provides training and support to help its distributors succeed. This includes product training, marketing resources, and access to a community of like-minded individuals.
  4. Flexibility: Network marketing allows for flexible working hours, which can be appealing to those seeking a side income or a full-time career change.

Cons of Live Good

  1. Market Saturation: The health and wellness industry is highly competitive, and Live Good faces stiff competition from both established companies and other network marketing companies.
  2. Recruitment Focus: Like many network marketing companies, Live Good emphasizes recruiting new members to build your downline. This can sometimes lead to a focus on recruitment rather than product sales, which may not be sustainable in the long run.
  3. Income Variability: Your income with Live Good can vary greatly depending on your ability to recruit and build a strong network. Success is not guaranteed, and many distributors may struggle to achieve significant earnings.
  4. Initial Investment: To become a Live Good distributor, you will likely need to invest in a starter kit or product inventory, which can be a financial risk if you're unsure about your ability to succeed in the network marketing industry.


Live Good offers a legitimate business opportunity with quality products and a potentially lucrative compensation plan. However, like any network marketing company, it comes with its challenges, including market saturation, recruitment focus, and income variability. Whether Live Good is the right fit for you depends on your skills, dedication, and willingness to take risks.

Before joining Live Good or any network marketing company, it's essential to thoroughly research the company, understand the compensation plan, and evaluate your own goals and abilities. Network marketing can be a rewarding venture for some, but it may not be the right path for everyone. Ultimately, the decision to join Live Good should be based on careful consideration of your personal circumstances and aspirations.

Personally I joined because of the products. I have been using CBD oil for the last 5 years. I was paying $89 for 1 750 bottle with my old company where now at Live Good that same bottle only costs me $18 why pay more? TAKE A FREE TOUR HERE

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