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My name is Lise Daigle. I am a born Canadian. I have been married 45 years and blessed with a son and a daughter. My husband is a retired High school English Teacher. I speak both French and English. I have a college Diploma. My work experience: I had worked for Federal Government of Canada, department of Indian Affairs from 1962-1972. Then I was a Real Estate Agent for a couple of years in Laval, QC. After that I had a franchise of Residential Cleaning Business. I was in charge for Beavers in the 80 s for Scouts Canada. Recently I was the President of RIAQ ( Réseau International des Ainé(e)s du Québec for 2 years. I have been involved with computers ever since 1985. I am quite well versed in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2010. I have been involved in Internet Marketing since 1990. I do have computer skills in creating web pages. My hobbies are Reading and Learning from various Web sites.

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