Mohammed's $32,000 week

Published by Alex Kale — 08-27-2021 08:08:47 AM

Check out what he shared in the group...


"After 7+ years trying with ClickBank and almost every course in the market.


Am so happy to stumble upon CH back in April 2020. I believed in this course so much that I couldn't let go regardless of all the shutdowns and obstacles throughout the journey.


But if you believe in something you will make it.


I wanted to get 10k a week. But guess what I saw the momentum, went for it and I ended up with 32k week. Not in my wildest dreams, I would have done this unless with this amazing course and community.


My background is totally different from affiliate marketing. But I've always wanted to do it. Adding to that am really not tech-savvy. Am well known as the computer grandpa. Still, this system works without all the technical knowledge. Am still doing my 9-5 job and living in a different time zone which was tough and had only 4 hours to sleep a day in order to keep going.


My advice to all of you is to “connect the dot backward” imagine your success moment and connect back to where you are now and see the path to reach there.


Thank you, Robby, and everyone who supported in the group and throughout the journey."

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