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My mission: Contribution to the world through the spread of knowledge.

Knowledge, above everything else, will find you success in any area of life.
Everyone has the right and ability to design their life. If we understand that our life and circumstances are a product of what we believe to be possible and how we act on those beliefs, those who seek knowledge to better themselves and better their circumstances can truly create a life without limits.

Offering this knowledge to help others succeed is what my site is all about

My background

From a very young age, I knew there was a better way to make money.
I created a mission statement. "Earn enough freedom tokens (money) to free myself financially, follow my passions, look after my family and contribute to the world, leaving it a better place than when I arrived."
While always having a strong work ethic, working a JOB (Just Over Broke) was never for me.

I started my first "business" at 14 years of age, building custom built timber furniture for private and commercial customers quoting my services for $5 an hour. Needless to say, over the coming years I made some pricing adjustments, started an official business and earned my living doing so, however, all the time knowing... This is NOT how-to find freedom

Contrary to most people's advice, (study a respectable profession and earn a stable living) I took the opposite approach. Drop out of school to study that which was blindingly obvious to me... Money... If Money equals freedom and freedom is the objective... Study Money! Don't waste time studying something else.
How does Money move? How does it grow? How it is created? Why we use it in the first place and how do we collect it?

It was at 19 that I brought my first property and several more over the next few years.
While property was a great performer, the market eventually slowed and I decided to integrate Trading FX and Precious Metals investment into my portfolio. I still invest in all three of these investment vehicles today

In 2012 I was introduced to home based business. In particular the affiliate marketing and direct sales industry.

Whilst having little knowledge in home based business at the time, understanding leverage and money flows,hy I could see the enormous potential. So I drew from my experience in business and investment and got to work mastering my new focus, Home Based Business

I spent 12 months learning from others, testing, learning more, testing again, I had failures, turmoil, felt like quitting, thought I would be rich overnight, felt like quitting again, tested some more, wasted money on empty promises, started over and tested some more until... In mid 2013 that I finally developed the recipe for success.

From that point I directed much of my effort toward online business. The strategy that I had developed was proving itself time and time again and my online business was quickly becoming the stand out performer when it came to cashflow and freedom.

I don't pretend to be a veteran in online marketing, however, this is also the exact reason that I have enjoyed such success over such a short time frame.

Making money from home is Fluid. Old methods quickly die and no longer get results.
Customers and consumers have numbed to traditional marketing campaigns.
It takes ingenuity. It takes a fresh approach, it takes an awareness that "selling" no longer works.
We must "adapt or die" as things move quickly. Finding a system that accounts for this is crucial

This brings us to date.

The internet has been good to me. Putting Several Hundred Thousand Dollars in my bank over the last couple of years. The system I have developed is duplicable and the very reason I decided to build a training system.

Making money online has almost single handedly satisfied my entire mission statement.
"Earn enough freedom tokens (money) to free myself financially, follow my passions, look after my family and contribute to the world, leaving it a better place than when I arrived."

If you are willing to learn... It is my goal to help you reach your goals in the best way I know how... Though the spread of knowledge

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