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I am an Online Marketer with almost 30 years of Network Marketing experience and I am also the Founder of a financial club named F5M-Millionaires-Club and also own advertising platform named DailyNetPay. As a Network Marketer, I have been down the losing paths and also walked the golden roads.

My lifetime goal was to achieve financial freedom to enjoy life to the fullest with my family, relatives and friends. I love meeting new people from around the globe and travel to exotic and unknown places. My other passion or desire is to help and guide others who are interested to do the same or to become financially free. I know this is the goal of many if not all of us. Anyone can earn money form home and achieve the freedom they desire as long as they have the right system in place, believe in it and never give up!

I have created this site to meet new people, make friends and share what is working for me that is making my home based business success. I am also interested what other methods work for others and how they have succeeded. I hope to be able to interact, share resources and network together.

Being the President of F5M-Millionaires-Club and DailyNetPay with thousands of members from around the globe, I have developed a very unique team and have members who are seasoned marketers, average marketers and newbies. Together we are creating a Team Building environment for all members, building trusting relationships and growing financially together with long term residual incomes. If you are interested to have a financially rewarding life style, then


If you ever wanted to earn extra money on the Internet from your home or in your spare time, or even if you want to earn large income, or earn your fortune, please check out the FM5-Millionaires-Club (F5M-MC and/or DailyNetPay (DNP).

F5M-MC or DNP can generate cash daily, weekly or monthly into the marketers pocket. If you are currently operating any kind of home based business, our two opportunities will enable you to earn the extra revenue to help out with your struggling business.

Please visit the link below to come in and meet us to see just what we are all about and what we can do for you. I believe that the surest way to succeed is to make things happen rather than wait for something to happen!

John Kielec
skype: makefreedom

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