The Hunger Games For Success...

Published by Derrick Johnson — 01-30-2019 12:01:21 AM

Aloha Everyone...

Karalee, here.  Last year with the FYE (For Your Entertainment) gift certificates that my husband Derrick received for Christmas, he bought the Hunger Games movies.  It was the first time that we had seen them.  Three takeaways from this movies that I can apply to my online business are:

1.  Be Hungery For Success.  Am I so hungry for success just like Katniss was that I am willing to do what it takes?  Do I go all in or do I just put in some effort and then quit.

I would like to share this you tube video by Les Brown that my sponsor and mentor Alonzo Brown shared with me about Hungering For Success.

Are You Hungry For Success?

 My second takeway was the importance of forming an alliance.  Katniss learned that in order to survive she needed to form an alliance.  That is what she did.

How do we form an allilance working online?  We form an alliance by building a relationship of trusts with our downline members, our sponsors and find people who are successful in our homebased business that we are promoting and build a relationship of trusts with them.

The last takeway was listening to mentors.  On the way to the Capital, Katniss met a mentor who had survived the Hunger Games.  He told her what he did to survive.

Are we willing to listen to a mentor or someone who has the success that we are hungry to achieve?  Do we not only listen but also do what they say.  The mentors will give us short cuts if we listen and then act on what we have learn.

Do you need a vehicle to help you to help you to become successful? I would like to introduce you to our marketing system called Virtual Downline Builder.

What makes the Virtual Downline Builder different?  How will it bring wealth?

It has 5 Principles For Creating Wealth:

These principles  are:

A system:  The Virtual Downline Builder has a system that anyone can do. It provides training on how to get started.  Our only job is to get people to the website.

Residual Income:  This is what sustains the business.  It pays for the monthly subscriptions and whatever expenses that the business has.

3.  Leveraged Income: This is what leverage is all about. It is about having a team and working together  to achieve your financial goals.

4.  Multiple Streams of Income:  Virtual Downline Builder has 12 streams promoting 1 link. You can also promote five of your own links.

Daily Cash Flow:  Top 2 programs offer 100% commissions that are instant Payments to Your Payment Processors.

5.  Global Income:  The 7 Multiple Income Streams are world wide.

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