What's In Your Gameplan?

Published by Derrick Johnson — 02-06-2019 08:02:42 PM

Sunday, was the mother of all football games. It was the Super Bowl. Everyone who I had talked to said that it was a terrible game. Why? was it such a terrible game? It was all about the defense. Actually, it was all about the Patriot's defense strategy or gameplan. 

The Patriot's defense game plan was what allowed them to hang in there and eventually win. 

Just like the Patriot's defense had a great gameplan to win the big game, the Super Bowl, we the home based industry needs to have a game plan to win at our online business. 

The first step to having a winning game plan is to define what our dreams are. Once we define, we need to run towards them and embrace them. We do this by finding the vehicle that will allow us to achieve them. 

The second step is to be committed to our decision and the vehicle that we have chosen. 

The third step is to take action. This means to put your link out everywhere you can. Decide which advertising resources that you are going to use and then use them everyday. A part of taking action is to track your links. So which advertising resources work for you the ones that are not working for you, don't use them as much. Focus on what is working for you. 

The last step is to Never Give Up! Sometimes we just want to throw in the towel because we are not making the money fast enough. We are just not getting the results. As the Coach says in Facing the Giants Never Give Up. I love this scene from one of my favorite movies called Facing the Giants. It inspires me to never give up. I hope that it will also inspire you

I would like to introduce you to the gameplan that I am using called the Virtual Downline Builder. 


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