Communication is the Key to Success...

Published by Derrick Johnson — 04-15-2018 12:04:16 AM

Aloha Everyone…

Do you know the step to success to having a successful team?

This step that is the most important is communication.  Who do you communicate with?  Communicate with your sponsor, with your upline, your team leader and with your referrals and your leads.

Why is communication important?  This is how you build relationships of trust.  People do business with people who they know, like and trust.  What do you communicate?  With your sponsor, upline and team leader share with them your experience online.  What do you do the best?  What do you struggle with?  Share with them how you are advertising and or if you need help with that.  What are your finances like?  How much do you have to spend on advertising resources? What are your goals?  What do you hope to accomplish?

What do you share with your referrals and leads?  Share where you are from?  How has being a member of Pays4Ever helped you?  What are the benefits of being a member of this program?  What resources do you have for your referrals?  Offer them your help and encouragement.  Set expectations at the beginning so that they know what is expected of them.

The more you communicate and offer you help especially to your referrals, the more successful you will be.

Teamwork works!

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My biggest goal is to become financially from financial bondage. Once I have reached my goal, I would like to give back to the colleges that I went to and to my favorite charities. I am not successful unless I help others to become successful. My goal is to help others to reach their financial goals. I desire to help people to turn their dreams into goals which will become a reality.