Which ESA Should I Get if I have to Move To The City?

Published by Mark Larry — 02-21-2023 07:02:16 AM

What do you do to cope with your mental and emotional issues? Are you the person who depends on medication or depends on treatment through the presence of your emotional support animal?

If you rely on emotional support animals then you have chosen the best for yourself. Emotional support animals are those animals that provide you with comfort and support to benefit you when it comes to dealing with any emotional and mental illness you are suffering from.

Emotional support animals are assigned to you solely by a healthcare professional which means that only you are eligible to have an ESA with you. When you plan to get an ESA, you need to get a real esa letter that permits you to keep an emotional support animal with you wherever you go.

For this purpose, make an appointment with your nearest doctor and undergo a thorough checkup. After that, you will decide whether you need an ESA or not because the letter is assigned to you by a certified clinician under the law.

The benefit of an emotional support animal is that you can take it wherever you go because it helps in your treatment process.

The issue that may arise here is that if you are moving from a town to a city, then you might not be able to keep any animal you want as your ESA with you.

For example, if you are living in a town where your house is big, and you have ample space to keep a large animal at your house, this cannot be the same in the city. When you shift from your town to the city, you may have a small apartment to live in; I am afraid that you may not be able to keep your large animal with you.

People living in a town usually have different choices of emotional support animals such as keeping a horse as an ESA or those birds or animals that require a large space and cannot be kept inside the house.

You have to change your preference and your ESA when you move to the city.

Various animals can be kept in-house and they do not require much space. Since you are given an emotional support animal letter, you have to decide which small animal suits you well to keep in a small house in a city.

You must be very familiar with the fact that cities are very crowded and there is a great hustle and bustle all the time. So, any animal that is not ideal for such a place is not a good option to keep in a city. For example, if you want to bring your horse to the city, you are wrong in your decision.

Since your horse lived in a town, it would be difficult to keep it in a city. The same goes for large emotional support dogs and birds such as peacocks. People living in towns also keep peacocks as an emotional support animals but you cannot keep them in the city.

Decide what animal best suits you that is small, and does not require much space. Animals can adapt to new places very well and easily. You can either bring any small animal with you or you have to buy a new emotional support animal.

Small animals should be your priority and the best choice to keep in the city. You can decide among different breeds of dogs and cats, you can keep birds, fish, and rodents as well in a city. The smaller the animal is, the more comfortable you will be with your pet.

Remember that in cities there are various housing societies and schemes where there is no pet policy. This means that you are not allowed to take any kind of animal with you on these premises. In such a case, you need to have an emotional support animal letter for housing which legally permits you to keep your ESA with you even if there are no pets allowed.

This also works when your landlord does not allow you to keep the animal in the house. Show them the letter you have got and bring your animal in with you.

Since you are moving to a city, then you can keep a realesaletter with you all the time but a small breed. Dogs are the best option and are mostly preferred for living in cities. People often opt to have a dog as an emotional support animal. Dogs are loving and cuddle well. Their playful nature is enough to alleviate feelings of anxiety and depression.

You can also keep a cat as an ESA in the city. They are small and easily accommodable, hence you will not feel alone and they can be your best option in the city.

Moreover, if you feel good in the presence of fish and birds, then you can also get them as an emotional support animal in the city. You may have many other options to keep but cats and dogs should be at the top of your list.

They provide more care and love than any other animal, therefore, they are preferred the most. You can take them out with you, you can also walk with them. Cities have parks where you can take your ESA for a walk to relax.

So, if you want to go to the city then your emotional support animal needs to be small. Only this way will you be able to live comfortably. 

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