5 Reasons Rescue Dogs Make the Best ESAs

Published by Mark Larry — 02-21-2023 07:02:03 AM

Emotional support animals are those animals that help you in dealing with your health problems and alleviate your mental and emotional illness by providing you with support and companionship. ESAs provide you with love and care which aid you in coping with your feelings of depression, anxiety, and loneliness.

You can have any animal you want as an emotional support animal. Because an individual may feel more attracted to and comfortable with a specific animal than the other, therefore, it is your choice to choose the animal you want as an ESA.

But have to get a realesaletter.com first to keep that animal with ease at your home. Animals are the best companion you may have during your treatment process as they do not judge and they provide selfless care and support to their owner.

Out of the different animal's people may choose as emotional support animals, ESA dogs are the most common. Individuals opt for dogs as their emotional support animals. They are intelligent, caring, loving, and the most loyal of animals, therefore, a preference for them is greater than any other animal.

If you are planning to keep an emotional support dog with you to help in your treatment and you want to keep them at the house as well, then you need a realesaletter for housing. As the name indicates, this letter allows you to keep your animal inside the house. You may encounter a situation where your landlord forbids you to keep the animal in the house but if you have the letter, then you can show it to your landlord, and freely take the animal with you in the house or the flat.

When opting for a dog as an ESA, you can also think about rescue dogs as well. If you are looking for a bigger and cuddly animal as an emotional support animal then why not rescue dogs?

Below are the five reasons which make rescue dogs the best option as an ESA.

A loyal companion

Dogs are known for their loyalty and being man’s best companion and friend. If you are getting a dog, then if you adopt a rescue dog and treat it affectionately, it will give back to you the maximum love and care. They are so loving and caring that people who desire to have emotional support animals chose an emotional support dog as their priority.

When you visit a pet house, you might come across some rescue dog that needs more attention, love, and care from you. Provide them with their needs and in return, you will get a loyal companion as you will become their savior.

You will make the best decision of your life if you opt for a rescue dog as an emotional support dog for you.

Taking ‘puppy mills’ down

You might be familiar with puppy farms or puppy mills, which refer to places where different breeds of dogs are bred on a very large scale. The condition of such places is truly inhumane, where owners are only concerned with making a profit and benefiting the most. Any dog that you wish to buy will be from these mills and most of them still are.

When you choose a rescue dog instead of these mill puppies then you are taking a step against the prevalence of these farms. Rescue dogs might’ve been originally bred in one of these farms but you show your big heart when you adopt a rescue dog. Using your wallet against puppy mills and farms is surely a big step.

Giving a home to a needy dog

Emotional support dogs are adopted every day and it is easy for them to find a good home. The difficulty is for the rescue animals; they have the least admirers and you can become one of them. There is a rescue dog shelter but with every ongoing day, the strength of dogs in these shelters increases. Your adoption of a rescue dog will give a dog a permanent and happy place to live in.

You will be generous and kind enough to give a rescue dog a home, which means that you are giving a place to such a dog who is homeless and needs a home. The dog will get home and you will get an ESA, which will benefit you both.

Saving money

Although this benefit is more self-centered, still it is beneficial and a good option to go for. If you are buying a puppy, then you have to spend quite a bit on your various visits to a vet. The maintenance from the start is quite expensive. If you get a rescue dog, all you need is to stock up on the dog and save some money in case of an emergency.

A healthier emotional support dog

There are lots of myths about ‘mutt’ dogs as they might not be the pure breed. But the truth is that they are more likely to be good dogs compared to pure breeds. Purebreds are more sensitive to many environments and due to their limited pool of genes, get infections easily and are liable to fall victim to many diseases.

If you get a rescue, you will be exempted from these issues and will have a healthier emotional support dog.

Before you opt for a rescue dog, get an emotional support animal letter that will make it easy for you to keep the animal with you all the time.

When you buy an emotional support animal, keep in mind that a rescue dog will be the best option for you. 

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