Progress Update On My Helium Mining Efforts as of August 18th, 2021

Published by Marty Bostick — 08-19-2021 05:08:23 AM

Today is August 18th, 2021 and my SenseCap M1 miner is in full swing earning rewards.

The outdoor 8db antenna that I mounted on Sunday really seems to make a difference on how far the range is and intercepting beacons from a nearby town a few miles away.


I also noticed a couple of days ago that a new Bobcat 300 miner must have arrived at a neighbors house about 700 yards away.  It is also located in the same hex as mine, which may affect earnings but we shall see.


On another note, an additional SenseCap M1 miner is in the process of syncing at my sons house a few miles away and it has been placed in an adjacent hex to a cluster of other Cal Chip miners that someone nearby brought online about 2 weeks ago.

The syncing should be completed any time now but it is taking longer than I expected.

sons miner

I have a 3rd SenseCap Miner that I'm hoping to have placed at a local business nearby in the next day or so that should be a pretty good placement about one hex apart from my location.

As more develops I will post some additional updates.

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