Helium Mining Progress Update August 23rd 2021

Published by Marty Bostick — 08-23-2021 07:08:28 PM

Okay folks, today is August 23rd, 2021 and I thought I'd post a new mining progress update on where I'm at now.

Things are starting to settle in and pick up a bit, which is great.  There were a few days there where I thought I was going to need to rethink placement at my house because a neighbor installed a new Bobcat 300 too close to me.  I seem to be witnessing others now and it just means he and I can witness one another from too close proximity but that's okay.

Let's get started...

In the screenshot below, you will see that I now have 3 hotspots online.  2 of them are in pretty optimal locations and are now witnessing one another and rewards per 24/hours are starting to increase.  With regards to the hotspot "Jovial Blood Manatee", it will have to remain in a relayed state for the time being because it is at a business location and there is no access to the firewall to enable port forwarding.

The other one, "Mysterious Strawberry Corgi" is located at my sons house less than a half mile away and both of the locations have 5.8db indoor antennas in play, which seems to make a big difference.

The 3rd hotspot, "Odd Punch Cyborg" is located at my house with a roof-mount outdoor 8db antenna and is starting to pick up momentum nicely.  As new locations are planned and placed in the adjacent hexes, it should be a good location.

My 3 Hotspots

In the next screenshot, you will see 2 Cal Chip miners owned by a local hotel franchisee.  I know the gentleman and hope to drop by his place this week and discuss him adding 8db antennas on the rooftops of his hotels to help us all get better witnessing and rewards for one another.  My guess is that he probably doesn't understand placement well because of other Cal Chip miners nearby as well, which I bet are all owned by him.

If he can get these two sending stronger beacons, just about all of the other ones should be able to witness one another, thus the rewards should increase as a result.

2 Hotels

I have also started getting local marketing materials together for stuffing priority envelopes and mailing them to specific addresses in the surrounding area where I'm trying to place hotspots.  I have a list of leads of opportunity seekers within a mile of my house.  These will be my first prospects to claim a free hotspot.

As more develops in the mining progress I'll create another post soon.


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