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Hi, my name is Mazen Farkouh, I live in San Jose, California USA (Originally from Syria). I have made a lot of dollars doing Online Business and Marketing for the past 25 Years. I'm married and have a beautiful 22 years old daughter. I never scam anybody and will never do. I only look for the potential legit programs that make me money before start advertising to others. Through my long years working online I have seen the good and the bad until I started doing my homework the way it should be done before moving to the next step. You can trust my word on any program I recommend, that it made me honest money as a reality. I hate to scam and be like the millions out there , I'm a true Christian and have big faith, I just want everybody to join me making money from my programs. I always look after my reputation and my business on the long run. If you have any questions, please Email me directly to: Warmest Regards & God Bless

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