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My professional background experience by trade is: Real estate Investor, Stock & Forex Trader & Investor, loan consultant, insurance agent, sales & internet marketing, public speaker, author & entrepreneur.

My past has been a very interesting roller coaster ride and struggle getting to the top in the traditional world. My biggest challenge was between my mind and heart. It was conquering all the fears that I had about money, success, failure, learning something new, letting go of my past failures and renewing my mind with positive beliefs that led to massive action towards my dreams and goals. My ultimate breakthrough manifested gracefully as I transitioned my train of thought over from the competitive landscape inhabiting the creative realm of thinking by the “Science of Getting Rich”.

In 2004, I took my network marketing skills and combined them with the power of internet digital marketing and found a way to create a free lifestyle beyond an average worker's dream.

When the economy crashed back in 2008 my organization suffered extreme growing pains and business volume decreased because our team was mainly exposed and trained to purchase advertising and maintaining monthly budgets of $3,000 to $5,000 to jump start their business. .

What I discovered was that this was not duplicable to the newbie underdog affiliate that was just getting started with his own online business on our team. This has lead me to my discovery in finding an internet platform that will help the new person coming in the business generate free leads by the creative power of attraction marketing and grow their list while creating multiple streams of income through one platform.

I believe in laying a foundation of having a way to generate free buyer leads for free and then taking the profits that you are making with your free campaigns and scale your business up by investing back between 10% - 30% back into paid up advertising.

This gives entrepreneurs an even playing field that they can thrive and grow their business successfully and not worry about economic downturns paralyzing their front line’s advertising budgets..

Internet marketing has been the main contributor to my success in the last decade. Our most exciting opportunity today that we launched in the early part of this year is

I with this platform to build my internet empire by helping the underdog get ahead. I found in my experience that if you don’t have a way to help the little guy, your organization will not grow as quickly.

An old wise saying once said “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

My years of experience has led me to discover a turn key free system that will help every single person that has a desire to be successful with any home based or online business. My system will help build any online business from the newbie up and that’s the foundation that I build on.

I truly believe that If you don’t have a solid lead generating foundation to give to the newbie which is your business core and foundation you will absolutely 100% fail.

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My team and I are 100% dedicated to your success....

I declare that you and I are blessed with all spiritual blessings.

“Jesus is Lord of Lords and King of Kings”

I love you all….

“See you on the beaches of the world”

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