Join a Business vs Doing Your Own Thing

Published by Michael Taylor — 05-25-2017 07:05:06 AM

A friend of mine joined a rev sharing online business opportunity.

He started making some money with it.

But then the feds shut it down.

Apparently rev sharing isn’t cool anymore.

My friend got depressed and did nothing with his business for weeks.

I asked him why isn’t he joining another company or doing his own thing.

He said he couldn’t, because he didn’t know of any legit businesses he could join.

And that he wasn’t talented enough to do his own thing.

I laughed, “This is actually a pretty common mistake.”

“Talent is required to build websites, design blogs, create products, set up marketing systems and create content.”

“But it’s the last thing you need when you’re operating a biz in a box."

“In fact, if you try to reinvent the wheel, you’ll probably screw it up.”

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