Published by Michael Taylor — 05-30-2017 07:05:04 AM

Stuck for ideas on what to write in your next blogpost, article or email? We’ve made a list of what readers want most to see from you. In fact, this is exactly the content that people crave, so get ready to make your next content a smash hit with your audience. Your readers want content that:  



• Reminds them that they matter


• Reminds them that they are one of a kind


• Tells a story


• Takes them on a journey


• Surprises them


• Shows them that dreams can come true


• Has unexpected twists and unforeseeable turns


• Reveals awesome secrets


• Shows little Davids beating big Goliaths


• Confirms their thoughts and beliefs


• Challenges their assumptions in a respectful manner


• Gives a fresh point of view


• Takes a stand


• Reminds them that life is short – really short


• Gives them faith to believe in something BIG


• Reminds them to get back to the “basics”


• Makes them smile and laugh


• Makes them cry


Go get them...


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